What areas of DF are you interested in?

With literally dozens of areas of Digital Forensics (and Incident Response) that we would discuss, what would be key topics or questions you would want to ask someone who currently practices in the Digital Forensics field? For me, I would like to hear how other people handle the following: Report writing, perhaps sharing report templates; ...

Task One – Identify DF professionals within SC

One of the largest challenges with starting a new group is to identify potential interested parties in the digital forensics field that would like to participate.  In doing so, I strive to keep this project running on a very low budget with no membership dues required.  At this point I think participation would be the ...

The Launch 0.2

South Carolina has many talented digital forensic practitioners. We also have dozens of colleges/universities in the state with students who are interested in this growing field. So, a few of us have put our heads together and realized we should create a method to informally share information and hopefully have regular meet-ups to discuss digital forensics, ...

The Launch 0.1

In the past few years I have realized several things about the digital forensics field in South Carolina: There are several, very talented individuals, working in various capacities in the state including privately, corporately, for a government entities or law enforcement. There is...