To Go Forward You Must Backup

imageFor any business, the strength of your cloud-based  storage system can provide the difference between success and failure. With the thousands, if not millions of files concerning company finances and user data, it is of utmost importance that those files are always accessible and never lost. In simpler terms, the reliability of this data to self-maintain can be referred to as “availability.” An investment in securing your cloud-based digital life through a focus on availability can help both your employees and customers feel safe.

Overall, information security falls into three primary components: confidentiality, integrity and availability. Ideal availability services should allow you to have access to your cloud service anytime, anywhere. The reliability of those servers to consistently be up and running also falls under the veil of availability. Doing research into how often a cloud service goes down or is the victim of hacking is important when deciding on your cloud provider. By choosing only the most secure, functional and highly rated service, you can help your company avoid tragedy and even potential legal issues.
While many readers may see the availability of their Cloud storage data as someone else’s problem, they should reconsider the following viewpoint: Many cloud providers do not guarantee (in their Terms of Service) that they will help recover any lost, deleted or corrupted data. This is terrifying, as a massive loss of information can have catastrophic consequences for a business. Whether the data loss was unintentional, accidental or intentional, the results will often turn out the same.

In one recent study by the Gartner Group, it was discovered that only 6% of companies who feel victim to massive data losses were still operational after two years. If that statistic does not convince you of the importance of the reliability and availability of your data backup plan, I do not know what will.
Hiring cyber professionals can help you plan out a detailed disaster recovery and business continuity plans that can help you avoid such catastrophic consequences if data loss were to occur. While many companies do frequent backups of their data, very few actually test the validity and functionality of the data backed up. Professionals who are trained to ensure top quality data saving services will guide you in the right direction, allowing you to feel safe about your company’s future. Both your employees and your customers deserve to feel safe about the security and availability of the data your company holds regarding them.

Remember this: To go forward you must backup!

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