How we can be of Service

Training, education and certifications are all positive assets, however you and your clients should demand experienced local digital forensic examiners that can meet your needs.

Our Digital Forensic Examiners will help you make sense of seemingly technical jargon and enhance your position in cases involving electronic information.

Contact us to help expose how your can be impacted by digital information.

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About Us

Our forensic examiners have over 13 years experience in the corporate and legal community, providing computer forensics, incident response, electronic discovery and litigation support.

We specialize in serving the small-to-medium-sized law firm and small companies who conduct business South Carolina.

We are licensed, credentialed, experienced and court qualified as experts in the field of digital forensics.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide high value services that will allow you to make better decisions regarding your digital evidence.

We want to work with you to ensure you understand the value of the digital evidence in your case whether it originates from computers, smartphones, tablets, phablets, networks or cloud services.

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